5 Free Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

While in the past a free program meant something basic and bad, today’s free apps offer much more. In some cases, they are even better than their paid alternatives.

If you are a photo editor who likes to edit and design while not to aim at the heights of professionalism, the next list of free software is for you. These are the 5 perfect alternatives, that i found even better than Photoshop, even though it’s paid!




It’s a protable program for Windows and Linux and can be installed on your computer or loaded directly from a flash drive. Some web specialists even define it as the best free alternative to Photoshop. In addition to standard sizing, color adjustment, finishing and conversion of various formats, you can also use the program to create small animated GIF images.


This is a free version that offers you to test the main editing tools of the program. They are just enough for beginners. Among them you will find a number of filters and effects, as well as the ability to create slideshows. If you want to upgrade to a more professional level, up to a modest charge, you can upgrade to the Pro version.



Initially, the application was created as an alternative to Paint. The program has more specific features, such as the ability to break the picture, endless Undo and special photo effects.



Like almost all Google apps, Picasa offers great photo editing capabilities. Naturally, the program is fun and easy to use and will certainly appeal to most consumers. Allows you to create videos that combine photos and videos.



One of the most popular free photo editing programs on the web. It offers all the tools you need to turn ordinary photos into professional photos. Some editors even admit that the program is so good that they would even pay to use it.

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